Retail Link:

Retail Link is a web-based system allowing suppliers to access sales data and product inventory levels; it also provides suppliers with up-to-date information on how well their products are selling in Walmart stores. We at Sales Marketing Services provide collaboration with Walmart to assist suppliers with product planning, pricing, and marketing strategies utilizing the information provided by Retail Link.

Sales Marketing Services utilizes the data on consumer demands and trends to increase revenue by collaborating with vendors to refine their products, increase sales, design packaging, improve distribution, and more.

Sales Marketing Services works with new and existing vendors to market and distribute their products in Walmart and Sam’s Club across many industries, from consumer packaged goods to electronics and apparel. By establishing a collaboration with Walmart and Sam’s Club, vendors receive access to Retail Link. With the data and analytics provided by Walmart and Sam’s Club, suppliers can improve sales and increase customer satisfaction with their products.

Sales Marketing Services utilizes Retail Link to identify opportunities for innovation and growth;¬†we also use it to increase efficiency. We use Retail Link to streamline suppliers’ operations with its automated tools for inventory management, order tracking, and invoicing.

  • Using Retail Link, Sales Marketing Services assists suppliers to collaborate more closely with Walmart on product planning, pricing, and marketing strategies.

  • Retail Link is a powerful tool for suppliers to optimize their operations and grow their business with Walmart.

  • Competitive advantage: Retail Link can give suppliers a competitive edge by providing them with insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor performance.

  • Increased efficiency: Retail Link can streamline suppliers’ operations by providing them with automated tools for inventory management, order tracking, and invoicing