Modular Services:

At Sales Marketing Service, we are a leader in Walmart and Sam’s Club Modular designs.

Retail modular refer to a standardized set of product display units used in retail stores to showcase a range of products. These modular fit within the store’s existing shelving system, with pre-set dimensions making them quick and easy to install.

Sales Marketing Services are familiar with modular and how to utilize them to provide a consistent and visually appealing way to showcase new products to customers. We at Sales Marketing Services assist in designing modular to ensure that the product is displayed to maximize its visibility and highlights its key features.

Implementing retail modular requires careful planning and execution. The first step is to work with the retailer to determine the best modular configuration for the new product. Our service includes developing custom modular to showcase the product’s unique features. We then work with Walmart and Sam’s Club to ensure proper installation.

Sales Marketing Services utilize retail modular designs for new product release strategies to increase sales and customer engagement.

  • Identify the goals you want to achieve with the retail modulars. This may include increasing visibility, improving product placement, or increasing sales.

  • Research and development: We assist in developing the design, size, and specifications of the modulars, taking into consideration the store’s layout and shelving system.

  • Collaborate with retailers: Work with the retailer to ensure that the modulars meet their store specifications and requirements. Collaborate with the store’s visual merchandisers to ensure that the modulars are placed in high-traffic areas and aligned with the overall store layout and design.

  • Create a project timeline: Develop a project timeline that outlines all the steps required to complete the project, from design to installation. This timeline should include specific deadlines for each phase of the project.

  • Production and shipping: Once the modulars have been designed and approved by the retailer, they can be produced and shipped to the store. Ensure that all modulars are properly labeled and packaged to ensure safe transport.

  • Installation and training: Work with the retailer to install the modulars, providing any necessary training to store staff on how to maintain and update the modulars. Ensure that the installation is completed within the specified timeline and that any issues are addressed promptly.